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Automatically generated documents

Schedule an automated export of your dashboards and share it for example by mail or Sharepoint

Often report books, presentations or other documents are requested at same points in time, for example after the month-end closing or with the end of the planning round. With SAP Design Studio board resources, this unfortunately means recurring manual effort. With biExport, on the other hand, automatic export generations can be scheduled easily: either at fixed points in time or based on an event (e.g. when new report data becomes available).

biExport provides intuitive user and API interfaces to assist you in scheduling export generations.


During scheduling, you can choose:

  • a start and end date as well as a frequency for the export
  • an "export event" that can be triggered, e.g. when data has been updated in the SAP BW backend
  • the export format
  • one or more dashboards to be used as source for generation
  • one or more views for which the dashboard should be executed
  • the Output Channel or the activation of Information Bursting

The Scheduling feature can be implemented in several ways - and, in this way, perfectly adapted to your requirements:

  • A key user creates and monitors schedules on the biExport Scheduler web interface.
  • A key user creates schedules in a custom analysis application.
  • A business user schedules a generation directly from the dashboard (based on the view that is currently being viewed).