Design Studio 1.x to Lumira Designer 2.x Migration

With the end of 2017, our first biExport customers migrated from SAP Design Studio to SAP Lumira Designer. Opportunity enough and about time to write a short article about the steps needed to migrate Design Studio 1.x applications that include our export extension!

Online Exports

The good news: If you are using the export extension for “online” exports only, you do not have to perform any additional migration steps. Simply migrate the Design Studio application to a Lumira Designer application and start testing!

Please make also sure, though, to use the latest version of biExport to have full support of the latest SAP version!

The following table shows which biExport version is needed for which Design Studio / Lumira Designer release:

SAP Release Recommended
biExport Component Release 
biExport Service Release
 Design Studio 1.5  = 1.5  >= 2.0
 Design Studio 1.6  >= 2.0  >= 2.0
 Lumira Designer 2.0  >= 2.2  >= 2.2
 Lumira Designer 2.1  >= 2.4  >= 2.4
 Lumira Designer 2.1 SP1  >= 2.6  >= 2.6
Lumira Designer 2.2  >= 2.6  >= 2.6.3

 You will find the newest versions in the Download Areas on or Please note that the service release is always backwards compatible with older component releases.

Booklet (aka Iterative) Exports

If you are using the iteration feature in a Design Studio application, you have to perform one additional migration step.

The central property of the biExport component that activates the Booklet Export is the “Alternative Export Application”. If this property is maintained for a Design Studio application, you have to migrate.

The reason is that with Lumira 2.0 SAP has changed the way applications are identified and executed. Whereas in Design Studio 1.x the application CUID was the unique identifier, with Lumira 2.x it is a combination of document CUID and application name.

Design Studio 1.x application CUID:

 Lumira Designer 2.x application name:

Lumira Designer 2.x document CUID:

The Alternative Export Application has been updated to follow this change. You now have to maintain the application name as application ID, and the document CUID as document ID. 

Design Studio 1.x Alternative Export Application parameter:

Lumira Designer 2.x Alternative Export Application parameter:

If you maintained multiple Alternative Export Applications and also application specific URL parameters, make sure to also change the document ID / application ID fields there:

Deprecated parameters

The migration to Lumira 2.0 is also a good opportunity to finally switch from deprecated biExport parameters to the new ones. The following parameters have been marked as “deprecated” for the past 2 years:

  • Visual Components (PDF / PowerPoint / Word / Excel groups)
  • Bookmark Templates (PDF group)
  • Mail To   (Publishing Group)
  • Export Applications  (Publishing Group)
  • URL Parameters  (Publishing Group)
  • Custom Texts    (Publishing Group)
  • Custom Parameters  (Publishing Group)

These parameters have finally been deleted in version 2.3. The new parameters provide arrays that can be easily set also via scripting methods. You do not have to concatenate JSON arrays via strings anymore! biExport does it for you!


If you have any questions on migrating biExport, do not hesitate to contact us via the Support area on!


Bastian Buchholz
Author: Bastian Buchholz
Creation date: 03.01.2018
Category: Installation & Configuration
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