Publishing scenarios

The publishing scenarios take your work with SAP Design Studio to a new level. With this package of features you can simplify the complex documentation of analytical processes, automate regular reporting and document various views of your dashboards iteratively.

All the benefits of publishing scenarios are included in the on-premise package of biExport for SAP Design Studio.

Iterative exporting of different filters and dimensions

The iterations enable you to export your dashboard directly with a predefined selection of filters or dimensions. Take, for example, a SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio dashboard, which shows finances in various countries. With iteration you can now create a PowerPoint presentation with just one click, in which each chart lists your figures for a particular country.

Alternatively you can export several tabs in your SAP Design Studio to different pages of your PDF file. You can even merge several dashboards into an export document. All these features are available in PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel and included in the on-premise package of biExport for SAP Design Studio.

Fast generation of report portfolios

By selecting the Add to Document option you can save each step of your analytical process in SAP Design Studio and obtain a finished export at the end, which shows each step of your analysis once again. Here too it is possible to export to PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel formats. This makes the flexible creation of report portfolios, documents for public relations or customer master data sheets even easier.

With one click you can generate a finished Word document, which shows each important step in your data navigation – in your corporate design and with a directory of contents. You can, for example, present current filters and dimensions in the footers and thus enable others to follow every step of your analysis.

Fast generation of report portfolios

biExport for SAP Design Studio makes it possible to publish exported documents automatically. The document can be sent as an email with a predefined subject and body copy or uploaded directly to a file server. We also support publishing (information broadcasting) on a web service, SAP portal or share point. You can automatically add meta-information or a digital signature to the document.

  • Monthly reporting in your inbox
  • Clean documentation directly on your own file server
  • All done with one click
  • Automation possible – export and publishing based on your schedule

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