Your benefits with PDF export

A PDF document is the most frequently used export target. With biExport for SAP Design Studio you can choose between two different PDF export options. WYSIWYG export enables flexible styling of the export using HTML and CSS, whereas with the export template you can use a corporate presentation as a template, for example.

WYSIWYG benefits

  • Export the current SAP BO Design Studio view
  • Freely modifiable headers and footers with flexible layout, CSS styling, logos
  • Placeholders in the header and footer for title, date or filters
  • Free choice of page layout: portrait and landscape format, page size
  • Easy inclusion and exclusion of content: you decide what to export
  • Presets for export at the touch of a button
  • Dynamic settings via scripts – use your own dialogues
  • Maximum export quality due to vectorised PDF documents

Template export

  • Export templates enable customised layout of the export
  • Automatic scrollbar deactivation
  • Export of entire tables with repeated headers over several pages
  • Rapid rearrangement of elements using HTML templates
  • Cover sheet and directory of contents
  • Create high quality publications with your PowerPoint or Word documents as templates

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